More photos - April/May

Lunch at Svejk - one of my favorite Czech restaurant, with Czech food ofc!!!

Dinner with my dad, K, my love and his mum at Ambiente Pizza & Pasta - but not just normal restaurant pizza and pasta, this is actual food! And they serve you only small pieces, so you can try more courses..! :)

At the Ambiente Restaurant my dad and K decided to celebrate my bday :)

Going sightseeing like a touirst, ice cream is a must have!

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague with my dad and K. I can't get sick of walking inside this magnificant building..

When I decided to light a candle while my dad and K were visiting, I realized it has been one whole year since I first visited Czech Republic and Prague, and since I for the first time entered the cathedral and lit my first candle there :)

We visited the torture chamber part, just behind St. Vitus Cathedral!

I let them try Trdelník which is a dough rolled onto a stick, heated up and dipped into sugar and cinnamon. Tastes like Swedish "kanelbullar" (cinnamon rolls/buns) :D

Always a great view from Prague Castle!

More food - at Svejk once again!

On our last evening together I took them to Hard Rock for dinner!

Brownie and Oreo Cheesecake to share for the three of us as a dessert! Amazing!

Game night with my love, his brother and wife :)

Another game we played - Dobble! We both fell in love, so the other day I went out and bought us the game!!! :)

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2014-05-22 | 16:16:27

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