Photo mix/March

In some park playing with my love's nephew when baby sitting him.

Amazing shoes!! And the blouse we later returned and changed for another because of a weird size system, otherwise I'm in love with this store - Bershka!

Me at my birthday party at my Swedish and Norweigan friends place before going out!

The cake they made me for my bday party! MASSIVE & AMAZING!


You can see us sitting (hanging) in the bottom sofa.. I'm just like, wow! I so badly wanted to throw up during the ride, but I manage not to - and it was so worth it!

Here we are again, just before it started.. Me, my love and parts of his family! :)

This is how an every day can be for me - coffee at some cosy cafe, this time Starbucks, and studies.. :) Need to switch enviroment sometimes and not only sit at home when studying.

Me and my dear friend having a glass of rose at that retro place I wrote about in my last post!

How just seeing these mini muffins with Swedish flags in made my day, yesterday. I don't feel like moving back, I just miss parts of what is Swedish for me sometimes.. Like my family and my friends! And the nature!

Lunch at IKEA yesterday :) KÖTTBULLAR!!!! And we actually bought a kilo of meatballs on our way out (we just went there for having lunch) cause I so badly craved for meatballs! Although, meatballs at IKEA is twice as expensive as meatballs are for Swedish people in Sweden.. Sucks!!

And this made my day yesterday even more - PÅSKMUST! Translated into English as "Swedish Festive Drink"!


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