End of February/beginning of March

Svensk boende med min kärlek i Prag, Tjeckien. Jag har varit här i en och en halv månad nu, och detta är mina bilder hittills!

Swede living with my love in Prague, Czech Republic. I have been here for one and a half month, and these are my photos so far!

 Fusion Hotel!

First night together - celebrating with dinner at Hard Rock Café Praha!

Fun for the kids in one of the malls!

Home made sushi with friends vol. 1

Our favorite game at the moment - Carcassone! :)

To find Swedish "knäckebröd" here in Praha made me super happy!

My sushi pieces - home made sushi with friends vol. 2

Perfect lunch place - soup in the city! Close to Venceslav Square, and for a really good price! :)

Super sweet but yet amazing bubble tea!

Spring feelings in Praha last Friday :)

Cotton Candy at Holesovice last Sunday with my love and parts of his family.

Enjoying our Cotton Candy! By the way, did you all know that one Cotton Candy is made from 2-3 cubes of sugar? (It's actually worse to drink a normal can Coke than to eat Cotton Candy - OH YEAH!)

What I have noticed is that this is typical here in Czech. I don't know if it's originally from here, to make these art works of gingerbreads - but I have been seeing these amazing gingerbread everywhere! And it's not only at markets or amusement parks - they can be found in special stores specializing in these art work gingerbreads!
It says "I love you, honey" in Czech. Got it from my love!

Starbucks the other day with my love and his mum! :)

Their Caramel Macchiato --- WOW!

Enjoying the amazing spring weather here in Praha - facing Venceslav Square :)

That's it for now! Hope you guys enjoyed! :)

johanna säger:

ser helt magiskt ut!

Svar: Tack!
Anna Lovisa

2014-03-12 | 11:22:35
johanna säger:

ser helt magiskt ut!

2014-03-12 | 11:22:36

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