This blog post will be posted only in English (after all I have a lot of English speaking friends).
I recently discovered an application, recommended to me by one of my younger sisters. I love it! I use it mainly for remaking the shape/size of my photos for Instagram, but it might look better even on my blog. At least I'm gonna have a try and check it out! :)
Oh, and the app is called Squaregram for those who wanna try it out!

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The only thing I've done with these photos is to open them in the Squaregram application, mark the function inside the app making the picture go thinner with more white around it (before posting it on for an example Instagram). Nothing else!

The amazing fruit cocktail! Tried one with orange, strawberries and apples!

No tourist no more, still sightseeing though! :D There's so much to see and do here in Prague!
New Nike AirMax! You won't believe what I paid (my head still counts cash in Swedish currency..) - 430 SEK my friends!
We are sushi junkies! Proud ones!

Celebration lunch with my love and his family, cause my babe is a BC!
This is what I'm gonna return to now... Cheers!



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