June photos

For my study motivation, all the way from Sweden!!! My mum knows my favorite Swedish candy!

TRX workout with my babe!

Last week at Zlute Vazne with some friends, enjoying the heat (33-35 degrees!!!) and a lot of sun, and beach volleyball!

Me last week after the first workout with WayofGray!

Good, and cheap(!) lunch at Soup in the City! Like 20 SEK for a soup + 2 SEK per bread slice! Thumbs up!

Some new items in my closet! I love cheap clothes prices in Prague, and I love SALE in Prague even more!!!

Surprised my love few days ago with dinner at Modrý Zub. Amazing thaifood!

Dessert at Modrý Zub - home made coconut ice cream with glazed pineapple! Omnom!

Sushi time! Favorite running sushi restaurant here in Prague is in Novy Smichov mall at Andel! Like 100 SEK each, and as much sushi as u can eat! :D
...And one of plenty breakfast pictures.. Cause breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day! Love fruits, eggs, yoghurt and ofc the coffee! Such a caffeine addict..


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